Our New Year’s Eve Line-Up


In 2022, I enter my twelfth year of blogging and post for the 659th time.  Today we ponder yet another year of uncertainties.  I remember sitting in a neighbor’s lawn drinking wine with our outdoor chairs, sanitary wipes, and social distancing in March of 2020 where we all tried to gauge the end of the pandemic.  I was the pessimist by giving Memorial Day as my prediction.  Little did we know we’d fast forward almost two years and still not have the answer.


A few key observations from the year:



Drink the Good Stuff in 2022

Wines Curated from Some of the Top Black Winemakers and Wine Owners

Master the World package


Master the World package


  • With the pandemic taking me out of my sample sharing routine, the number of samples increasing, the number of winemaking Zoom tastings escalating and the inability to share with a group of friends, I experienced inertia on writing about these wines. I finally kicked myself into gear a few weeks ago and started reviewing them again.  I will continue my quest to catch up and hold myself accountable in doing so.  As I’ve pledged to you, I only write about the wines I like and this blog is all about authenticity, so you’ll never see any wine in here I don’t personally enjoy.



Alien Invasion in the Moment at Jordan Halloween



  • I finally made it back to wine country thanks to a Halloween party invitation from Jordan Winery. The party was amazing, and Jordan always sets the bar for hospitality.  It was a short and sweet trip with very fast connections with people I adore.  I found that while it wasn’t near enough time, every moment was joyous.


  • Even though I’ve written about wine for more than a decade, there is so much I don’t know. The discovery of Armenian wine was a highlight this year. Also, Armenia is in the midst of a grape growing and wine production renaissance. The discovery of these sparkling, white and red wines was one of my highlight moments for 2021.



Drink the Good Stuff in 2022

Miserable Captivated in One Image




  • I wrote more about Texas wines this year – 7 blogs in total and they sure are making some good wines. In spite of a pandemic and some crazy weather, Texans persevere (seems like all winemakers in all places have gotten used to the drill)



The Eurocave Finally Comes Home



  • I finally received my Eurocave. For those of you not following along, I purchased one I purchased one, it was delivered and then even though I paid for White Glove service warning them of our stairs (exact number), we just couldn’t make it happen with the delivery company.  It was like Goldilocks in the wrong bed.




Drink the Good Stuff in 2022

Just open the good stuff



A very happy New Year to you all!  I’m wishing you a wonderful year, lots of champagne and encouragement to always drink the good stuff.  After all, you can’t take it with you.