How To Buy A EuroCave?

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How to Buy a Eurocave?



The Art of Proper Storage



How to buy a EuroCave?  Honestly I have no idea. Recently, one of our Eurocaves stopped working. As someone who has hundreds of bottles in my collection, I knew that getting a replacement was critical to keeping these bottles at cellar temperature.


Back in May, it seemed so easy. The Wine Enthuasist had a Memorial Day sale. I went to the website, chose the EuroCave Premiere L Wine Cellar, called the customer service number to clarify a few questions, paid for the unit and the delivery fees. Figured I’d get a little advance notice and they would ask for any specifics needed.



The parade of wine bottles waiting for their new home … and waiting ….



And I learned nothing appeared as it seemed. It’s been 70 days, my wine still sits exposed on the floor and my credit card has been charged.


Realizing there are much bigger issues on our earth right now and because I never use this blog to bash companies, I pondered writing this. But I know that a purchase of this size for many of us isn’t an afterthought, it’s an investment in our collection or the one we hope to build.


So, let’s go through the things I learned.


White Glove Service — White-glove service is a trending buzzword in logistics and transportation. It is a premium delivery service, marked with special attention to details, especially with certain items that require handling with care during transportation. Sounds great, right? For me, my first White Glove service experience occurred on July 14 when I got a text after 6:30 p.m. that the delivery guys could be there tomorrow as early as 6 a.m. Yup, less than 12 hours’ notice to unpack a EuroCave and they were at my door at 6:12 a.m. the next morning. But the first delivery company didn’t have a team to navigate our stairs. The unit went back on their truck.


Second one was this last Thursday when I received another notice the day prior to when they were coming, which happened to be my daughter’s 16th birthday. And we did have plans but we moved those to accommodate the delivery people. Two and a half hours after the original delivery window, they let me know about a “miscommunication” at 7 p.m. Thankfully my daughter was understanding. They also told me they planned to deposit it on the first flat surface downstairs vs honoring the White Glove Service I paid for. What? Back to email with the Wine Enthusiast customer service for clarification.


I then received a notice the next day that they would be delivering … wait for it … when I was out of town for a future business trip. So, back to square one.


Stairs – If you have them, ask lots of questions. Stairs and clearance are critical in this equation. And I’m sure that is not fun with something the size of a refrigerator. These poor movers will have to get the EuroCave up 24 steps. But I fully disclosed that and paid for the number of steps for the move. For the second storage company, I measured the stairs and took pictures. The funny thing is that three other EuroCaves of the same general size have made it up the stairs without any issues.



How to Buy a Eurocave?
The stairs in question along with the shoes that appear to grow there





Advocate for Answers – Talking to Wine Enthusiast customer service was like trying to get my daughter to take her shoes (ironically) up the stairs vs leaving them strewn downstairs. I’ve reached out countless times trying to get an update, shaking my head when they sent me a survey telling me they closed my ticket and trying to get details right with the delivery company.


So how to buy a EuroCave? I’m not sure I can tell you more than how to purchase one but not how to get the company to deliver it after they take your money. I hope anyone in the market has a new level of understanding, doesn’t unpack a wine cooler without the ultimate confirmation and asks the right questions. I will keep you posted on my journey and may have a few hundred bottles of wine that needs help in being consumed soon.




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