How to Buy a Eurocave: the Sequel

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How to Buy a Eurocave?




How to Buy a Eurocave?
How I wanted the Eurocave to look with my wine collection sitting on the floor



Last week, I wrote about my unsuccessful quest to buy a Eurocave from the Wine Enthusiast.  It was 70 days of madness at the time – delivery companies showing up at 6 am without the right equipment, moving my kiddo’s 16th birthday dinner for a delivery company that never showed, wrong information being conveyed and a general feeling that I was in a vortex of people that could care less if I ever received the product I paid for.


And then I posted here on Sunday.  The response was immediate on social and the number of consumers who had non “White Glove” delivery experiences – especially since the pandemic started – piled up.


By the end of Monday, I heard from Darren Gold, the director of customer experience, at Wine Enthusiast. Fresh off his holiday, he came back to a whole lot of Dallas Wine Chick.  He apologized, expressed dismay, said all the right things, told me that he’d be happy to offer me a percentage off the unit or a gift card to Wine Enthusiast.  I said I’d have a think about it.  And then I rescheduled the delivery for 6 am the next morning.



How Not To Buy a Eurocave
Actually …. Objects in Mirror Are Much Further Than They Appear


Like clockwork, the delivery company called me at 5:45 a.m. and showed up a little after 6.  And like clockwork they didn’t have the materials needed to deliver the unit.  So even with the eyes of the management of the delivery company and the director of customer experience on this one, it still managed not to happen.  Honestly, at that point I threw up my hands and was done.  That was the third pre six a.m. wake-up call.  Later that day I was on my way to Houston for my first business trip to meet my awesome new team. Honestly the two Christian nerves I had left been trampled and I just wanted a break.



The Eurocave Finally Comes Home


And then my superhero husband stepped in.  While I was gone, he signed up for another 5:45 a.m. wakeup call, the delivery team showed, but unlike the last time, they had the right materials, the right people who could figure things out and we got what we ordered.  Oh, and I took the discount off the Eurocave.


The good thing about this entire circus is I think that this experience changed some communication processes internally between the Wine Enthusiast and its delivery companies not leaving the consumers in the middle.  If you ever find yourself in a vortex, please reach out to me and let me help you as there was a lot I learned in the process.



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