A Mantra of Areté from Iris Vineyards

Areté, it’s a state of mind with deep roots in Greek mythology. It has a meaning of fulfilling one’s potential and continually striving to be better. At Iris Vineyards, it is a mantra that translates to vineyard practices, preserving the land, the quality of wine, people, and hospitality – basically from vine to wine.   […]

Randy Hester’s Journey to World-Class Recognition

Randy Hester's Journey for World-Class Recognition

          While working for a wine distributor at Glazer Wine & Spirits (now Southern Glazers) in Houston, Randy Hester’s boss put him up for a significant promotion. When it didn’t happen, it put him on another path to make some of Napa’s top cult cabernets and later founded C.L. Butaud, one […]