A Mantra of Areté from Iris Vineyards

Areté, it’s a state of mind with deep roots in Greek mythology. It has a meaning of fulfilling one’s potential and continually striving to be better. At Iris Vineyards, it is a mantra that translates to vineyard practices, preserving the land, the quality of wine, people, and hospitality – basically from vine to wine.   […]

The Story of Cristom Vineyards is One of Connection

          Since its inception, the story of Cristom Vineyards has been about connecting family, farming and winemaking. Paul Gerrie, the co-founder, had a history of working with geologists in oil and gas in Pittsburg. Understanding geology and transitioning to understanding soils wasn’t a huge leap.         I had […]

Six Years of Transformation at Troon Vineyards

          Close to six years ago, I wrote about Craig Camp, a well-known visionary, wine professional and my friend, who left a high profile position at a Napa boutique vineyard. Craig told me he was ready to feel the energy and intensity of the wine industry that he felt when he first […]

A Return to the Willamette Valley: A Pre-Trip Exploration

Willamette Valley

A Return to the Willamette Valley: A Pre-Trip Exploration Mary Cressler, Ember and Vine; Amy Corron Power, Another Wine Blog, Marcy Gordon, Come for the Wine Podcast and me Returning to the Willamette Valley, Oregon’s leading wine region, was a homecoming of sorts. My first trip was in 2010, the year I launched my blog, […]

How A Bottle of Troon Almost Landed Me In A Mexican Jail

Six Years of Transformation at Troon Vineyards

Those of you who know me, and/or Craig Camp from Troon Vineyards, know that we have a history of going rogue – especially when we are given restrictions that make no sense.  Leo Durocher, the professional baseball player, once said, “I believe in rules.  Sure I do.  If there weren’t any rules, how could you […]