What has Perez Hilton’s and Dhani Jones’ blessing, was named the top “Hot, New, Now” brand by the media at the WSWA Convention and could be billed as good for you? Artisanal sake.

WSWA Convention

To be frank, I haven’t had that much experience with sake outside of a sushi restaurant, but Tara Fougner from TY KU showed me what I was missing.  Made from premium all natural ingredients, TY KU sake and sobu are crafted with the idea that these drinks should be approachable.  In a health conscious world and as someone who works out every day, TY KU is low carb, low sugar, low calorie, tannin, gluten, sulfite free and has half the calories of vodka.  And when you get one of the top mixologists like Paul Sevigny to handcraft everything from a sake sangria to a sake mojito, I’m in total indulgence mode without the guilt.

WSWA Convention

We tried several of the sakes –the TY KU Sake Silver where I tasted floral, pear, melon and cucumber.  This pairs well with any spicy food and is priced around $10.  The second sake tasted was the TY KU Sake Black, which is imported super premium junmai ginjo and is 45 percent polished with Japanese Akebono rice.  This is priced under $25 and I got floral notes with peach, pepper and vanilla.   The mother of all sakes was next – the TY KU Sake White (Junmai Daiginjo), which is numbered (#15678 in our case), and is the only beverage to receive the 6 Star Diamond Award putting it in the same category as the Four Seasons for luxury.  This product, which comes in a wooden box and runs for about $130, had hints of banana, floral and citrus.  It was very complex and is 45 percent polished with Japanese Akebono rice.  All of the sakes were served chilled in a white wine glass.

TY KU gang

I didn’t break into the soju, but it is meant to be mixed like vodka with half of the calories.  If you buy a bottle of TY KU Sake in April or May, the company will donate $1 to Japanese Relief efforts.  Kampai and enjoy something new that I am so happy that I discovered.