Vinomax: The Difference the Right Aerator Makes

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I remember when I first discovered that the right stemware for the right wine made a huge difference in the taste of the wine I was drinking.  I’ve taught that lesson to many friends and family members with the same result.


I’ve noticed as I’ve used aerators in this same journey that some make a difference and some notsomuch.  I was asked to try two aerators from Vinomax™, which bills itself as the only patented triple aeration system.  That means that the product mixes air with the wine three times within the aeration chamber.

Have you ever opened a bottle of wine, taken a sip and noticed it just isn’t ready?  Often you’ll hear experts refer to the wine as “tight” or it “may need some time to open.”  Oxygen acts as a miracle agent and allows the wine to breathe, often bringing out the fullest flavor possible.  This is what an aerator does – it allows a controlled amount of oxygen to enter the wine and shortens the time needed to decant or let the wine open.

There were two aerators that I had a chance to try and the results for both were good.  Our model was to use a #winewednesday where I open multiple sample bottles at work and a group of co-workers gather.  It was the group’s first time using an aerator and there were some surprised faces when they tasted a startling difference in the wines before and after aeration.

We used the Handheld Aerator that comes on a stand.  This one is designed for opening up single glasses of wine that are ready to drink upon demand. 

We also tried the Pourer Aerator, which is designed for multiple bottles.  This was also simple to use.  Insert the pourer top on a bottle of wine and voila.   

For around $45, it’s a great investment to have a tool that is designed to make your wine ready to enjoy when you are ready to drink it.  I was impressed with both Vinomax™ aerators and it joins my list of “must have” accessories for the ultimate wine experience.

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