The New Brunch Experience at Ziziki’s Restaurant

Ziziki's Restaurant

I was invited to the Preston Hollow Ziziki’s for its new brunch that debuted two weeks ago. In the spirit of full disclosure, I became friends with the owners of Ziziki’s through my daughter’s school, but I didn’t let them know that I was invited as a special guest for brunch by their social media folks.

I was intrigued with the offer of specialty cocktails and descriptions of artichoke hummus, cream cheese stuffed French toast, chicken souvlaki, lamb souvlaki, lamb meatballs in marinara sauce, fish with lemon artichoke sauce, spinach spanakopita, homemade smoked salmon, Greek potatoes, pita, made-to-order omelets and Greek desserts like baklava.

Ziziki's Restaurant

Ziziki's Restaurant

The brunch, which includes a complimentary Mimosa or glass of Rose, is $24.95 per person or $9.95 per child.  The food was fresh and delicious. Combine the food with the fantastic service from Sara, our server and mixologist, and it was a home run.

Sara then upped the game by bringing us several cocktails that Ziziki’s features.  We started with the Summer Shandy Cocktail with muddled orange, blood orange liqueur, and served over ice with an orange garnish.

We moved to the Athena Cocktail with Greek brandy, Cointreau and orange juice topped with sparkling wine followed by the Peartini with Grey Goose Pear, Amaretto, lemon juice and simple syrup.  Our finale was the Lo Coco Martini with coconut vodka, melon liqueur, blue curacao and fresh pineapple juice.

The regular menu and a well thought out wine list are also available.  I can’t wait to come back but have about 5,000 sit ups that I need to do between now and then.