Let’s Take Champagne Off Its Leash

          The answer to my “what wine would you drink as your last wine” or “what it your favorite wine” question is champagne.  It’s not just a special occasion wine and should be enjoyed often. When Christopher S. Ruhland the author of  a new book, Press for Champagne: A Guide to Enjoying […]

Connection Through Community

Connection through Community

          Connection is the word I would use to describe my most recent trip to wine country. It was a connection to a community I love and have missed. A connection to the wineries that I have covered from afar for almost two years. And, perhaps even a reconnection back to […]

Second Half 2020 Sample Roundup

      It’s sample time and I never knew what a challenge these would be in the time of COVID.  Usually, I invite friends over and pop open a few bottles, and, if my husband is in a cooking mode, then I get to use my pairing skills.  When the pandemic happened, the samples […]

A Celebration of Friends with J Vineyards & Winery: The Perfect Aperitif

A Celebration of Friends with J Vineyards & Winery: The Perfect Aperitif The magnum of J Vineyards & Winery Cuvée 20 Brut NV and the star gazing guide arrived just in time for Fall – unless you live in Texas.  I knew I had to make a choice.  Stargazing is noble and tasting the stars […]

Brazil: A Land of Passion, Carnival and Underrated Wine?

Carnival and Underrated Wine

Brazil, a land of gorgeous beaches, beautiful people, grilled meat, Rio Carnival and unmatched soccer celebrations.  It’s a country built upon passion and celebration.  But, did you know that Brazil has been making wine for close to 500 years?  Until I participated in a #brazilianwines chat with MW Christy Canterbury, I wasn’t aware of the […]

Final 2017 Sample Update: The Top 30 That Turned My Head in this Tasting


It looks like I have a New Year Resolution and that’s to get a little faster about reporting on the samples that I’m sent.  This time I reviewed more than 65 wines and today I’m going to talk about more than 30 that made the list.  Note that these encompass a number of countries, price […]

Another Edition of the Round Up of Wine: Six Countries, Twenty Four Wines

Round Up of Wine

It’s time for another wine round up column filled with some of my favorite samples.  This time I tried 46 wines from six countries with 24 making the cut today. Sparkling NV Ferrari Rose Sparking – I’ve had the amazing opportunity of visiting Ferrari back in April.  To read more, click here.  Ferrari Trento was […]