Wet January as a Resolution

Wet January as a Resolution

      The entire saga began because several good friends, whom we had not seen for months, canceled our January catch-up dates attributing “Dry January” as the reason. After a significant number of friends announced their commitment to this endeavor, my husband jokingly announced he was going to dedicate the next 31 days to […]

A Resolution of Wet January

      It all happened two Decembers ago. After the first year of the pandemic, people decided there was going to be a personal change in the new year.  For some, that change meant adopting what has become known as “Dry January,” an abstention of all things alcoholic for 31 days.  After a significant […]

A Love for Cocktails Renewed


            There is nothing that I love more than a good cocktail, but with so much wine to try, I often forget about the utopian pleasures one sip can bring. The hard thing about cocktails is that unless you are a world-class bartender or have amazing skills, you probably don’t […]