So You Want to Break Into the Wine Industry…

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When I started this blog, I knew I wanted to get closer to the wine industry, but I wasn’t sure how to do it.  I was talking with Corbin Adams from Crossmark, a local recruiting company, and he asked me if you’d be interested in finding out about how to break into the business.  I thought it was interesting, so here goes the Q& with Corbin along with an immediate opportunity.  Keep me posted if you apply.

ME: So you want a job in the wine industry?  How do I break-in?

Corbin: The wine industry as a whole has a plethora of jobs, but I always get asked questions on how to land a job in the wine industry. Most of the time companies require some type of experience, but it takes experience to get experience, right?

The key to entering the industry is finding an opportunity to get your foot in the door. It would be nice to be referred to as an expert, but building these skills takes time. Many people are unaware that there are positions readily available that will give you this experience outside of being a bartender or sommelier.

Events are the perfect way to “get your feet wet” in the wine and service industry. Part-time work, in grocery stores handing out samples of Wine and talking to customers about it, is a great experience. This will translate into many different types of positions in the industry and can allow you to go into wine logistics and merchandising or a sales role.

ME: What skills will I learn from a Wine and Spirit Specialist position?

Corbin: Actually you will learn more than you think.

-Interacting with Customers to determine their level of interest in your product.

-Using selling techniques to suggest wine and spirits for purchase.

-Keeping wine and spirits organized

ME: How do I apply?

Corbin: If you are interested in learning more about a job in the Wine and Spirits industry, please check out CROSSMARK for more information or apply at:

Go forth and pour.

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