Resolute in My Resolutions for 2011

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Resolute in My Resolutions for 2011




Happy 2011! I always look back on the previous year’s resolutions to see how optimistic I was about the things I was planning to accomplish.  And boy was I optimistic in 2010.  It’s always a little humorous, and in my case predictable, that I will have at least one goal that I will not come close to attaining.  Now for a brief run through the resolution 2010 list:

  • Lose weight.  Part of being the Wine Chick means that I get to drink some very good wines – and often.  Combine that with a husband who is a wonderful cook and you have a constant challenge to keep the LBs off.  And judging from the tightness of my clothing right after the holidays, this one moved down the list.
  • Eat healthier.  Overall, I am pretty healthy in what I eat; just not how much I eat.  Now, if the FDA were to name wine as part of the fruit and vegetable category, I would pass this one with flying colors and would have no problem in meeting my daily requirements.
  • Launch  Well I did that and wow – you all have made this quite the community!  In less than a year, we have 10,000 unique users, 566 people on Facebook and almost 3,000 on Twitter @melanie0.  I’ve loved getting to know you, your stories and your favorite wines.  Thank you for your engagement.
  • Try new wines.  From Charbono to Petite Verdot, I sampled new varietals from around the world and found some awesome new wines that I love and still think the three I tried from India definitely top the worst of the year.

So, as we march into the third week of 2011, can you guess what my first goal will be for this year?

  • See first 2010 goal.  This time I seem to be off to a pretty good start with some intense double workouts, change in eating habits and (sniff) curtailing my wine consumption (but not tasting) during the week unless I have an event.  I have a feeling that the wine consumption statement might be a future “fall short” area, but why not try?

And, for the rest:

  • Continue my love affair with wine. I will continue to try to make Dallas Wine a better site.  I received a flip camera for Christmas and I’ve going to try to capture the experience of wine from my perspective.  I’ve been asked to be on a wine panel this month (more info to come soon) and I have a really exciting announcement I’ll be sharing soon.    
  • That pesky little weight loss goal.  I have curtailed my wine consumption, signed up for My Fit Foods and put in a lot of time at Equinox so far and am down about six pounds.
  • Spend more quality time with my family (and drink more champagne).  If you read my February column about the untimely death of my Aunt, you’ll remember my mantra to drink more champagne.  Toast your wonderful family and friends and thank God that you have them — or have had them — in your life.  And, enjoy quality time with those friends and family.  Put down the Blackberry (tough for me).  Turn off the TV.  Have fun.  Repeat.

Research shows that the tradition of making New Years resolutions dates back to the early Babylonians.  While the early Babylonian’s most popular resolution was to return borrowed farm equipment, I bet losing weight has topped the list since then.  Hoping you’ll be resolute about your resolutions and hoping you have a great 2011.

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