Leaving Our Safe Haven for the Unknown: Deciding in an Age of the Coronavirus

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Deciding in an age of Coronavirus

Deciding in an age of Coronavirus


Week two … unreality of making decisions in an age of Coronavirus.  As I told you guys last week, we went on our trip to Punta Mita, Mexico.  It’s been amazing and an exercise in self quarantine because no one is here.  We are not Spring Breaking … definitely we are not drinking in throngs.  We, along with our teenager, finally exhaled.  We helped to support the families that have worked here since we started coming to the Four Seasons 14 years ago.

Deciding in an age of Coronavirus




However, as the week progressed everyday became an exercise in not exhaling until the next Trump press conference … will the border close?  Will the border not?  What do they mean by “border closing”?  What do we do as parents?  What is responsible?  We had lots of input, lots of expert opinions, even more non-expert opinions.  And we made our decision.

Then technically the border closed.  But Americans can still get in as we are deemed essential and the closing did not apply to air travel.  So Monday is our day to come back.  We could have come earlier, but we did not want to chance the Spring Breakers who showed zero caution.   We’ve been cautious – want to be around other families in the same frame of mind.  I’d be super appreciative if you send prayers or a few good thoughts up.



As you guys know, the impact on our friends in food and wine have been catastrophic.  So I am asking you to support our friends in food and wine.  They have supported us with our requests for food and wine donations over the years – it is our time to step up.  Order out, tip well and support your wineries and restaurants or they won’t be here when we come out of this:

You know you don’t want to cook.  If you are in Dallas, here’s a comprehensive list of where you can order from Culture Map Dallas.

Then wine, every single local wine bar is ready to help you.  Just reach out to them.

And please do not forget your wineries.  Here is a link to all the offers, free shipping and how you can bring your favorite wines home to your house from my friend, Monique Soltani at Wine.Oh.Tv.

I’m sure I’ll have some adventures on Monday trying to get back.  I may be back to regularly scheduled programming next week … or not 🙂

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