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Family is Purpose of Puppione Family Wines


Wine clubs. What a concept — a club for organized drinking with your friends is an absolutely brilliant idea. I wrote about the two wine clubs that I am a part of a few months ago in my column in Black White and Read.

Because I can never have enough excuses to drink wine and because my New Year’s Resolution was that I’d try to curtail non-event wine drinking during the week, I joined an additional organization, Women for Wine Sense.  It calls itself the premiere wine education and networking organization for wine industry professionals and wine enthusiasts. The organization’s mission is to de-mystify wine by presenting educational events in a “non-intimidating” and fun environment. I’ve enjoyed the events. In fact, I’ve enjoyed them so much that I’m heading to Napa this Spring for their Grand Tasting event. At the event, I hope to meet some of my Twitter friends and look forward to networking with other women wine lovers. I also look forward to meeting wine makers that understand there is a large population of women with a great deal of purchasing power who are not sold on cute labels and kitschy names. Most of these women have advanced wine knowledge and some even have sommelier designations. I’ll be in student mode, but I can’t wait to learn.

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