Date Night: The Possibilities are Endless

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Possibilities are Endless

Friends in the Valley recently arranged for me to get my hands on the 07 Cabernet Sauvignon from Phifer Pavitt.  I love this story – city boy meets country girl, falls in love and over the course of their relationship, makes every big decision from having kids to buying the winery property during the couple’s once a week “Date Night.”  The mantra is simple – cherish the time with your significant other because you never know what turn life will take.

So in the spirit of Shane and Suzanne, my husband and I raised a glass of 07 Phifer Pavitt and toasted our 17-year marriage.  The wine was multi-faceted – inky black in color, I tasted caramel, chocolate, a nutmeg type spice and licorice.  The Bordeaux-style wine was juicy with lots of blueberry and blackberry notes.

It is not an inexpensive wine at $75 and I have tasted slightly less expensive Cabernets that were on par with this wine (and more expensive wines that were not near as good).  I love the story and it is a good wine with high ratings.  If you were going to put a premium on a great date night with lots of quality time together, it is $75 well spent.