Coravin Aims to Change the Game for Screwtop Wines: My Taste Test of the Latest Coravin Innovation

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Game for Screwtop Wines

Any serious wine lover will tell you that having a Coravin has changed their ability to open and taste wines.  Coravin allows a wine lover to truly sample by using a blast of argon which makes the cork essentially seal itself again.  Friends swear by the fact that they have used the Coravin to preserve bottles for over a year.  That doesn’t happen in our house (due to the fact that a bottle of wine does not have that type of shelf life).

And now Coravin has released a new accessory released by Coravin claiming to keep screw cap wines fresh for up to three months after breaking the seal.  They sent me the device to give it a shot.  The caps are said to be able to endure 50 punctures, making them reusable for around 10 bottles of wine.


So, how does it work?

  • Grab a bottle of screw cap wine. I choose the 2014 Schlid Estate Cabernet Sauvignon from Barossa Valley.  Because it had been a bit since I last used my Coravin, I was out of Argon.  I immediately got on Amazon and ordered a new two pack of Coravin canisters.
  • Reload Coravin with new canister.
  • Remove and discard existing screwcap and replace with Coravin screw cap.
  • Push the hollow needle of the Coravin through Coravin screw cap.
  • Continue to use Coravin as usual.

After pouring, remove the needle, the Corvin screw cap will re-seal to protect the wine from oxidation.

This worked like a charm as it usually does for the cork bottles.  I adore my Coravin for my more expensive bottles.  It has changed my life as it has given me the ability to just open that special bottle and drink it over time.  I’d have to make sure my screw cap bottles were special to shell out $29.95 for a six pack of the canisters.  But with higher end wines like Plump Jack relying on screw tops, there is a need for the Coravin screw top.

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