Celebrating Each Day Keeps the Insanity in Play

Cheers to whatever day you celebrate



Has the celebrate every day thing just become too much? February 18 – today – is apparently national drink wine day and global drink wine day. In my world, that designation is not needed. I mean I’ve talked about drinking wine since 2000, but I certainly don’t need a designated day to do it on a national or global level.


And the PR firms were out in droves. I can’t tell you how many pitches I got to celebrate national wine day. Um, I write about wine and I’m glad there’s a moment people may raise their glasses and support the industry, but to see all the noise out there made me want to personally tune out.


Out of curiosity, I did a search of what else is celebrated on February 18 and I am a bit befuddled. Get ready to celebrate:


  • Cow Milked While Flying in an Airplane Day (WTF?)
  • Crab-Stuffed Flounder Day (I could possibly get there, especially with the right wine)
  • Drink Wine Day
  • Global Drink Wine Day
  • Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (my daughter is ready now)
  • National Battery Day (this is like a utility. I only notice when it isn’t working)
  • National Caregivers Day – Third Friday in February – (100% agree!)
  • National Hate Florida Day (I do despise the Governor or teams playing against Auburn)
  • Pluto Day (when Pluto was discovered)
  • Thumb Appreciation Day (We all work better with them, but why?)
  • World Information Architecture Day – Third Friday in February (I can appreciate this)



Celebrating Each Day Keeps the Insanity in Play



A cow milked while flying in an airplane day? There are enough people excited to call this out as an observance. Perhaps recognizing each potential scenario has hit a tipping point?


To me, a meaningful day is Open That Bottle Night (OBTN) on February 26 of this year. OTBN is all about taking a special bottle and creating memories. Created in the year 2000 by two Wall Street Journal columnists Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, it is held on the last Saturday in February of each year.


What are your thoughts? Is there a day that is meaningful to you that is off the beaten path?  I’d love to know.