Bocelli Family Wines: An Aria for My Curtain Call

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Bocelli Family Wines: An Aria for My Curtain Call

Bocelli Family Wines

I recently brought a chapter of my life to a close.  I left my old job working for a company based in Stockholm to begin a new one located about seven minutes from my house that wouldn’t require the 210,000 miles that I flew last year.  Before my tenure came to an end, I had my management team meet in Dallas so we could appropriately transition activities while the company looked for my replacement.

In typical “Melanie” fashion, I didn’t want to do a formal meeting, so everyone came to my house.  We worked hard, ate a ton of food and when the clock hit six, we decided to taste the Bocelli wines samples sent to me earlier in the month.  It was bittersweet, as I definitely had many glasses of wine with these girls over the year as we built the success of the marketing department.

The Bocelli family has been making wines for four generations in Tuscany.  While you may not know the wines, you know the famous tenor, Andrea Bocelli, a huge wine enthusiast and one of the most successful solo artists of all times.

We tried two of the wines – the Bocelli Prosecco and the Bocelli Sangiovese.  The prosecco was full of green apple, tropical fruits, pear and floral notes.  The Bocelli family is in collaboration with Trevisiol, the first family of prosecco.  It even converted a non-sparkling person to a sparkling fan.

The sangiovese was balanced with cherry, strawberry, smoke and earthiness.  Both of these wines were in the $14-16 range.  I strongly recommend either of them.

You can find them in Dallas at Central Market and Kroger stores with a fine wine selection.

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