A Glass is Just a Glass: Except When It Isn’t

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I just got back from an annual girl’s trip to Cabo with several members of my wine group.  We usually bring in the maximum number of bottles allowed, which are four per person, and we had packed our 20 plus bottles accordingly.  Why do we do this?  Well, after paying $10 plus per glass for notsogood vino in years prior, we quickly figured out that we could pull from our personal collections increasing the quality and decreasing the financial output.  It’s a win for all of us.


That is until we reached our hotel room.  We were staying at the posh Villa de Estancia in the heart of Cabo that we found on Snique Away, a great travel deal site.  The bellhop guided us to our lovely condo with sweeping views of the ocean, the pool and palm trees.  We all let out a happy exhale.  We were here.  We were excited.  We were ready to get our wine on.   And, if we happened to buy the place where we were bunking, it would be a cool one million dollars.

Munchkin Glass

Everything seemed top notch…then we opened the cabinet and saw them.  The munchkin glasses.  We laughed and kept looking for real wine glasses.  Then it dawned on us.  Those were the glasses that the hotel was offering to its guests… did I mention we had 20 plus bottles of wine?  The thought of drinking all of this wine through what would amount to miniature shot glasses was daunting.  I understand there are much bigger problems in the world, but it was … just strange.  I know that tequila is the drink of choice or there is a drink with umbrella contingency, but why would a hotel provide a wine glass on the same scale of a spice jar?  Were we too used to our Riedels?

Anyway, the trip was fabulous, the wine is gone and we did find real stemware, but I’m still pondering the reason for the Lollipop Guild stemware in a million dollar casa.

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