Creating Her Path While Replacing an Iconic Winemaker

    Back in 2015, when pioneering Winemaker Merry Edwards was considering the next chapter of her life, she knew she needed to find someone to take the reins and continue her legacy. That someone was Heidi von der Mehden, who was hired as Associate Winemaker and shared Merry’s passion for pinot noir and her […]

A Sparkle in My Eye

      I have always been someone who believes that bubbly should not be saved for a special occasion; it should be enjoyed regularly. The celebratory feeling of just popping the cork never fails to put a sparkle in my eye.   Recently, I had the chance to try samples of two champagnes and […]

The Evolution of Prosecco in America

      It seems that overnight Prosecco has become a sensation in America. No longer relegated to what you mix in your mimosa, these wines have evolved from an obscure grocery shelf to one you seek out at the wine store.   There’s a reason – we now have much more accessibility to the […]

A Celebration of Friends with J Vineyards & Winery: The Perfect Aperitif

A Celebration of Friends with J Vineyards & Winery: The Perfect Aperitif The magnum of J Vineyards & Winery Cuvée 20 Brut NV and the star gazing guide arrived just in time for Fall – unless you live in Texas.  I knew I had to make a choice.  Stargazing is noble and tasting the stars […]

Talking Villa Maria Wines with Snooth and Winemaker Kathrin Jankowiec

New Zealand wines

New Zealand has been making wines since the 1850s, but the modern wine industry in New Zealand began in the mid-20th century and expanded rapidly in the early 21st century with the sustainable practices and modern winemaking techniques. Recently, I attended a Snooth virtual tasting with Co-Founder and Chief Taster Mark Angelillo from Snooth and […]