A Chat with The Orsi Family: Italian Roots Planted in Sonoma County Soil

Our Orsi Family Wine Tasting Line-Up It all started with a story of family and heritage for the Orsi Family when it came to their approach to wine. The website says, “Italian culture is the embodiment of all that nourishes the heart and soul… wine and food, friends and family, and experiences that capture beauty, […]

Terralsole Winery: The Land Toward the Sun and the Tapestry of Tuscany

Terralsole Winery

Finding Terralsole is quite the journey.  But trust me, once you do the journey is worth every missed navigation point on whatever GPS you use, so just chill.  The winery will find a special place in your heart and you’ll never forget the experience, the wine or the people.  The tapestry of Terralsole, which translates […]