Creating Crosby Roamann Winery, One Barrel at a Time

      Crosby Roamann Winery unfolds as the shared journey of its vintners, Julianna and Sean McBride, to achieve balance. The story takes a compelling turn as both, having originally pursued corporate careers, shifted their focus to the world of winemaking. Sean’s transition from being a lawyer and Julianna’s shift from publishing set the […]

The Almare Spritz: A refreshing taste of Italy

  As the temperatures in Dallas reach triple digits, I find myself craving something lighter and more refreshing than my usual go-to drinks. In Italy, spritzes are a popular choice for hot weather, and it is easy to see why. They’re light, refreshing, and full of flavor. I recently had the opportunity to try the […]

The International Traveler Transformation

      For those of you who have followed along, my daughter got on a plane last August to spend her junior year of high school in Italy. She brought one jam-packed suitcase, an overnight bag, no knowledge of the Italian language, and a contagious excitement to explore.         While she […]

Italy With Only One Agenda

      Every time I’ve been to Italy I’ve come with an agenda. What to tour, where to eat, what wineries to visit, what to see, where to stay. In the past, I’ve been focused on seeing the country, the wine, the food, and the Italian experience. This weekend I arrived in Italy with […]

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Leaving on a Jet Plane

    This week my family’s life is about to change. For 17 years, we’ve been a family of three, “Team Ofenloch,” as I often reference. This weekend, my child gets on plane to Italy and she’s not back on US soil until the end of May….2023!           Today I relish […]

A Return to International Travel

          Two years ago, we had a family trip to Italy that was shut down by the pandemic. If you’ve followed along during the last few years, you’ll remember our family was pretty locked down when it came to following the rules. It was the right decision for us and I’m […]

Bisol: A 500 Year Passion for Prosecco

          Back in 1542, the Bisol family started cultivating grapes in the Valdobbiadene area of Italy. During 500 years of winemaking the family has been on a mission to make prosecco better by organically farming, marking the wines from top designates, bringing in technology updates for the vineyards and winery and […]