Quarter Acre: Dallas’s New Zealand Oasis

Quarter Acre: Dallas's New Zealand Oasis

      In the heart of Dallas, on lower Greenville Avenue, lies Quarter Acre – a neighborhood joint with a New Zealand twist. I first discovered it via the Tasting Collective, a community of food lovers who support independent restaurants in top cities.         Insider Tip: The Tasting Collective brings diners […]

Celebrating 50 Years of Pioneering Australian Wine

    When delving into the world of Australian winemaking, one name consistently rises to the top: John Duval. Hailing from a lineage deeply entrenched in the wine-growing industry, John is the first winemaker in a family that grew grapes for five generations. His roots trace back to a historic farm in South Australia, established […]

A Passion for Proving What Makes Australia Special

      While I’ve been lucky to taste a few good Australian wines, they have been big-ticket, well-known brands that consistently receive top critic scores and international recognition. But I realized I knew very little about Australia, its wine regions, and what makes it special. It’s also hard when many of the wines that […]

Final 2017 Sample Update: The Top 30 That Turned My Head in this Tasting


It looks like I have a New Year Resolution and that’s to get a little faster about reporting on the samples that I’m sent.  This time I reviewed more than 65 wines and today I’m going to talk about more than 30 that made the list.  Note that these encompass a number of countries, price […]