Here Comes the Bride: But Not In Napa

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Forgive me – I know it’s been over a week since I posted last, but work, life, travel and reality got in the way of my passion. I was lucky enough to head back to Napa/Sonoma for the wedding of two dear friends who after many years of being together decided to make it legal. I love the story of Karen and Jim. They are both wine aficionados who happened to be in Napa at the same time. As luck had it, they met over the tasting counter at a certain winery. Sparks flew, miles accumulated and so did a two-city wine collection. Fast forward many years to several jobs, different cities and many great bottles of wine and we found ourselves at this same winery celebrating the non-traditional wedding of our dear friends.

I’d tell you more about the fantastic wines that were served and the fabulous food pairings that punctuated this beautiful evening, but I can’t reveal the location. You see – wineries are prohibited from hosting weddings, wedding parties, anniversary events or any parties that aren’t directly linked to the marketing of wine. The Winery Definition Ordinance (WDO) has been in effect since 1990. So, while I’d love to expand on how they said their vows over the wine bible or about the fantastic wedding cake that was so moist that it melted in your mouth, it’s against the rules and it could really get the winery in trouble. Nor can I tell you about the three winemakers who I sat with from different wineries who kept me laughing all night with their stories.

What I can tell you is that true love prevails – in spite of a ridiculous rule that would result in improved economics, increased jobs, tax revenue and much needed revenues for the wineries. So, cheers to Karen and Jim, the couple who taught John and me about the Napa experience! We wish you a lifetime of happiness, love and wine.

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