Get Underground and Take A Gamble on a Better Bottle

Gamble on a Better Bottle

Underground Cellar is an online wine marketplace designed to deliver premium wine to consumers with free upgrades to higher-priced wines on a random basis.  I was recently provided a credit to experience their membership.  This is not a wine club – it’s designed to provide upgrades to premium wine, by chance, to members who have the opportunity to improve their chances by referring friends, purchasing wine, and joining the site’s online forums.  You purchase wines by individual offer and I’ve seen them feature some really good ones from around the world..

As a marketer on a full-time basis, I judge companies by the customer experience they offer when you have something go wrong the first time.  My first bottle came corked.  Immediately they issued another credit for me to try something new and that process was flawless.  Each week, Underground Cellar posts offer comprised of similar wines at different price points.  Members pay the lower price and receive their wines mostly direct from the winery so there is a delay until the offer is sold, the inventory depleted, and then the wine is shipped.

Another cool feature is the CloudCellar, the ability to store purchases at no cost in their temperature-controlled wine cellar in Napa.  Members can mix and match bottles over time and pay $5 to ship six to eleven bottles or nothing to ship more than 12.

I was given one upgrade to the 2008 Susana Balbo Brioso, which was at least $20 more than I paid for my original bottle.  Susana is known as the “Queen of Torrontes” or the “Evita of Wine.”  She has a reputation for making great Argentinian wine. The wine was very nice and full of blackberry, tobacco, currant, cedar, and mocha.

This is definitely a fun experience for a wine lover to experience wine from around the world and gamble on the chance of getting a better bottle than you paid for originally.  To learn more, visit their homepage or sign in with Facebook to get started. No obligation, no hassle, and just good wine.