Cabernet, Women and Shoes: The Trifecta

I had the chance to catch up with my girlfriends last week over dinner. We’ve known each other long enough that usually no stone goes unturned when we get together. I was in need for blog content and needed a different angle for a #Cabernet Twitter tasting coming up on Sept 2.  As a sidenote, Mark your calendars, grab a bottle, get online and join in the fun.

Rather than review another wine, I asked the group an important question – if you were stuck on a desert island with only one brand of Cabernet Sauvignon that you’d have to drink until rescue, what would it be? The initial feedback was that it is August in Texas with 100 plus degree days and white would be better suited to this scenario.  The conversation did finally divert into a discussion about our favorite cabs and why. Understanding that this is a subjective topic, there were a few brands that came up from the group including Pahlmeyer, William Hill Reserve, Lail Blueprint, Hourglass, Tapestry and Joseph Phelps.  Interesting that none of the usual “brand” suspects were mentioned although there was a heated debate on whether Silver Oak was worth the money with no final consensus.

The conversation quickly diverted to over-rated cabs and how many bottles of three figure cabernets were purchased at a winery that seemed magical at the time, but disappointed at home. Maybe we got caught up in the moment? Maybe it was stop number four of a full day of tasting?  But, the reality was that some of those same bottles opened at home with high hopes and a lighter wallet, didn’t live up to the memory.

The subject then shifted to the key to buying higher end cabernet – consistency in the brands that you trust. Knowing that your first (and last) bottle can change based on age, but will remain consistently good. Good cab is a great deal like good shoes. Everyone needs a favorite pair (or eight), but a nice pair of designer shoes better lasts the test of time. And even more importantly, can you ever have enough cabernets or enough designer shoes? And the consensus is no for either choice.