Pouring Passion: The Story Behind Bending Branch Winery’s Personal Gesture

      In my thirteen years of visiting wineries, I’ve been blessed to enjoy some truly incredible moments with winemakers. One recent experience stands out, as a winemaker’s gesture left an unforgettable mark on me. Following my recent storytelling about my adventures with Uruguay Tannat, I was completely surprised to receive a personalized bottle […]

Uruguay’s Tannat Tapestry: Crafting Diverse Wines with Complexity, and Character

    The Uruguay wine industry began during the colonial era, but it began to thrive in the late 19th century when French, Spanish, and Italian immigrants introduced new grape varieties and winemaking techniques. Tannat, which is a robust red grape, flourished in Uruguay’s climate and fertile soils. Over the years, Uruguay’s winemakers have evolved […]

Discovering “Undiscovered” Wines of Uruguay

      Uncovering the wines of off the beaten path regions is one of the joys of wine. The thrill of trying a new varietal or the magic of what a region and terroir can do for a grape is why I find the journey enthralling. Recently I had the chance to try wines […]

A Conversation with the Father of Texas Tannat

A Conversation with the Father of Texas Tannat

        Winemaker John Rivenburgh is unabashed in his enthusiasm for the evolution of Texas wines and his passion for elevating the Tannat varietal on the world stage. Billed as the “Father of Texas Tannat” for his evangelism in selling, promoting, and helping people to grow and vinify Tannat Grapes, John is on […]