Sonoma County: Ready for Tourism Today

  The smoke and images were powerful and devastating but did not tell the complete story of what was happening in the Sonoma Valley.  According to the Sonoma County blog, only 8% of Sonoma County’s one million acres were impacted by the October 2019 fires.  The vineyards, parks, fantastic views, coastline and redwoods still remain majestic […]

The Jordan Experience During the Wine Blogger’s Conference: Hail to Lisa Mattson!

Debbie Gioquindo, Lisa and me In my last blog post, I talked about my top 10 discoveries from the Wine Bloggers Conference, but posted #11 referencing another post next week.  Today is that post where I get to talk about my friend, Lisa Mattson, the communications and marketing director of Jordan Winery. If you haven’t […]