Open That Bottle Night -- About People and Purpose
The trip where I acquired the wine I opened for OTBN 2022


A few weeks ago, I posted about how unnecessary wine designation days (National Drink Wine Day as an example) are in the world of wine and how we’ve become overloaded with days that create noise. A meaningful day is Open That Bottle Night (OTBN) because it has purpose — taking a special bottle and creating memories. Created in the year 2000 by two Wall Street Journal columnists Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, this day has intention. I want to be a part of it.


This year for OTBN, I chose a bottle that was very special to me, the 2008 Chappellet Cabernet Sauvignon, that was bought at a turning point of my life. Sometimes you have no idea that one conversation will change your world. When I met Cyril Chappellet, the Chairman of the Board of Chappellet Vineyard, for lunch and a wine tasting, we ended up talking about passion – loving what you do and doing what you love. I was at a turning point in my life and Cyril’s advice to me about taking that next jump and not settling was exactly what I needed to hear to solidify my choice of starting my own consulting company.



Open That Bottle Night -- About People and Purpose



This wine, which was a blend of 77% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Malbec, 9% Merlot and 5% Petite Verdot lived up to that special memory of our conversation. It was inviting and warm, elegant, and structured. I tasted notes of black and red fruit, chocolate, cedar, tobacco, and flowers.


On OTBN – a day with meaning — I had the chance to reflect about how a shared glass of wine brings about conversation, shared experiences, memories and even life changing moments.