You never know when the development of a palate will occur.  Around the New Year, my daughter invited several friends and their parents to our house for a celebratory dinner.  Morgan requested that she and her friends have “kids sparkling wine” a.k.a. non-alcohol sparkling.  So we grabbed a bottle of Ariel Brut Cvuee and the kids raised a toast.

It was interesting to figure out that my super taster decided that the aforenamed non-alcoholic wine tasted like “and to quote non-usual wine terms” – her throw up.  Actually, of the three kids involved, only one declared it “palatable” or at least good enough for another sip.  With all due respect to Ariel, they have won numerous awards and the individual who sold my husband the bottle told him it was the best non-alcoholic sparkling they carried (my husband did not inform him it was for youngsters).

Happy New Year and here’s a resolution to age appropriate people drinking age appropriate beverages that taste good.